Librarian’s Book Club – The Shallows – Some additional thoughts

Hi readers, Bearkat here, I apologize for the almost two month delay in submitting any thoughts about The Shallows but here are some quotes and points that stood out to me.

111 – Clay Shriky, a digital media scholar at New York University, suggested in a 2008 blog post that we shouldn’t waste our time morning the death of deep reading – it was overated all along”

178 – Umberto Eco: our fear of new things replacing old.

181 – Don Tapscott memorization is a “waste of time”.

217 – James Evans: journal research study – less diverse citations in articles as journals have moved online.

218 – “The easy way may not always be the best way, but the easy way is the way our computers and search engines encourage us to take.” (when using Google, Netflix, Facebook, etc.) We are “following a script”

And some questions:

* Do you agree with Clay Shirky that we shouldn’t waste our time morning the death of deep reading (p. 111), and/or Don Tapscott’s opinion that with the storehouse of computer databases and the Web that memorization is a “waste of time” (p. 181)? What are we forsaking by relying too much on the Web as a memory tool? All of us probably use it as a memory aid but should we stop memorizing things altogether?

* In chapter 9 Carr seems to imply that Google is the main constructor of how we use the Web. Is this true? If so, what are the implications? If is true will be so in 5 years?