Librarian Hurricane Relief Links

Texas: “Texas Libraries Step Up with a Texas Two Step for Disaster Relief. The Texas library community is rallying to rebuild hope and the future for victims of Hurricane Katrina. TLA applauds the efforts of local librarians in quickly responding to the incredible challenges in many communities.”

Mississippi: Friends of Mississippi Libraries, working with the Library Commission and MLA, has established a fund for donations to rebuild those MS libraries severely damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

MSU Libraries has created a web guide for internet resources on Hurricane Katrina. It includes a number of sites with information for survivors and also has a section on information for libraries.

Louisiana: Donations To Help Louisiana Public Libraries Devastated By Hurricane Katrina can be vetted through The State Library of Louisiana.

Alabama: The Alabama Library Association (ALLA) is promoting the following job service for hurricane victims: KatrinaJobRelief, which is designed to help find employment for hurricane victims.

Other ways to help libraries and librarians in the gulf can be found on the Katrina Help Wiki (Library section created). Includes link to library-specific aid agencies and donation sites like the ones listed above.