Law Profs Look at the Aaron Swartz Case

Chris Meadows at TeleRead referred to the recent suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz as a gross miscarriage of justice. Law professor Orin Kerr digs into the basis of the charges that were filed against Swartz while law professor Ann Althouse questions the end result of the situation while noting that something does not add up.


The thing I've got from this is something that academic librarians have known for a long time.
The general public, but also the scientists themselves have no idea how the academic publishing world works, how copyright comes into it and now of course as a seperate issue how OA is changing that (but that OA isn't free for the funders in many cases, especially in Europe).

I didn't know the details about how he was trying again and again to get round the controls in the system. If you read what the moaners I know on Facebook have been saying you'd think he was innocent of everything.
So it was good to read those articles from differing points but with good facts behind it.

He wouldn't have got the 30 years, he was being used as an example for his behaviour which is totally understandable. It's just a pity that he wasn't mentally stable enough to take the pressure.
Just a pity that people always jump to assumptions because 'everything should be free'!

He was offered 4 months if he entered a plea to all 13 charges. He was mentally ill, the government didn't make him kill himself.

Sign this Whitehouse petition to make the DOJ accountable for Aaron Swartz death

Swartz is responsible for his own death.

The prosecution of Swartz was standard. He was even offered a plea deal and could have got less than a year in jail.

For some non-knee jerk reaction to the Swartz case

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