Laura is the Better Bush

The AP reports today that First Lady and librarian Laura Bush is more popular than the President.

Last week in Albuquerque, NM, before the welcoming cheers had subsided, Bush told supporters he was sorry that his wife was not there.

“Today I’m going to give you some reasons why I think you ought put me back in there, but perhaps the most important one of all is so that Laura will be first lady for four more years,” Bush said to applause.

Laura Bush’s prominence and popularity in Bush’s re-election effort will be on display Tuesday night, when the first lady addresses the Republican convention in prime time, her topic Tuesday night, “the compassion of the American people,” reflects the understated tone.

Note to the AP editors: no specific poll was cited to back up the claim “Two-thirds of voters have a favorable view of Laura Bush and 12 percent have an unfavorable view.”