Keeping Papers Sealed

Lee Hadden writes: \”In an article in the Washington Post, President Bush has signed an
executive order that keeps President Reagan\’s papers secret longer than the
12 years now under the current 1978 law. Historians have asked that some
68,000 pages of Ronald Reagan\’s papers be made public, and this has been
blocked by George Bush. There is some speculation that this action is made
to protect the policy advisors around President Bush, who made be
embarrassed by revelations from the previous Bush or Reagan administrations
that are now sealed. Also, it is speculated that this action will give
President Bush more control over his papers in the future.

Particularly in a time when the president may have to act unethically
and even illegally in the war on terrorism, future revelations may lead to
embarrassment or prosecution for the president.

Yes you may have seen this here before.

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