Keep Living, Keep Learning – A Word A Day

A favorite site of mine is wordsmith, and the e-mail advisory ‘a word a day’ by Anu Garg.

This week’s words are all book-related, as next week is TV turn-off week. Here’s what webmaster Anu says in today’s e-mail:

So many channels, so little worth watching! Do you sometimes find yourself muttering those words? Next week is TV Turnoff Week
so give that TV a well-deserved rest, and instead say: So many books worth
reading, so little time!

People in the US watch TV for more than four hours a day. That’s equivalent to sitting in front of a TV for two full months nonstop every year. It’s not for nothing that TV has been called the plug-in drug, the boob tube, and the idiot box. For more, see : factsheets and research.

It’s time to redefine television, from Greek tele- (far) + Latin vision- (view), as something that deserved to be seen far, far away. Instead, get
closer to books. Cut your screen time and increase your page time. This week we’ll explore a few words from the world of books.

Today’s word is

belles-lettres (bel-LET-ruh). noun;

Literary works valued for their aesthetic qualities rather than
information or instruction.

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