K-12 Students Are Ultra-Communicators

stevenb writes “A few weeks ago, on my Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog (http://keptup.typepad.com/academic) I pointed to an article that discussed how k-12 students are evolving into “ultra-communicators”. I now have come across the PDF report that provides the highlights of the study that collected this information. The study is titled “Voices & Views from Today’s Tech-Savvy Students”. Among its findings: Confronted with an assignment to write a report about a topic that they know little about, the first response for 67% of students in grades 7-12 is a technology-based response – do an Internet search or visit a bookmarked website –over visiting the library to find a book on the topic (10%). Learn more about K-12 student use of technology. Read more at:
http://www.netday.org/downloads/National_Findings_ Highlights.pdf or visit the research study homepage (with links to additonal information) at:http://www.netday.org/speakupday2003_report.htm