July issue of ‘Learned Publishing’ available

A new issue of Learned Publishing is available, featuring:

  • John Cox: \”Valuing and protecting our intellectual property: the lifeblood of our business\”
  • Christine Baldwin: \”Delivering content to universities and colleges: JISC\’s new information environment\”
  • Hilda A. Cerdeira: \”eJournals Delivery Service: an email to Internet experiment\”
  • Diann Rusch-Feja: \”The Open Archives Initiative and the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting: rapidly forming a new tier in the scholarly communication infrastructure\”
  • William P. Sisler: \”One university press\”
  • David Finkelstein et al: \”Scottish Archive of Print and Publishing History Records\”
  • Claire Ginn: \”Calculating pricing models choices: rising to the challenge\”
  • The Knight Higher Education Collaborative: \”Op. cit.: publishing in the humanities and social sciences\”
  • Richard Gedye: \”Non-subscription revenue as a source of income\” (pg. 217)