Jackson County Libraries to Re-open

Anonymous Patron writes “From Judith Baalman, Business/Operating Manager, Jackson County Library Services via the Libs-OR mailing list:

“This morning, during its regular weekly meeting, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners authorized County Administrator Danny Jordan to sign a multi-year contract with LSSI (Library Systems & Services, LLC) for operation of all 15 branches of Jackson County Library Services. The contract period will begin on October 1, 2007. All branches will be opened as soon as possible (hopefully in early November) pending installation of data lines, hiring of key personnel, etc. The number of hours open per week per branch has been decided; exact days and hours of the week that each branch will be open are yet to be determined.”

Note that some cities in Jackson county have approved additional local funding to extend their opening hours beyond what Jackson county / LSSI will provide. This includes Ashland and Talent.”

Also see article at the Mail Tribune.