IST Results – Accessing and researching great art online

Anonymous Patron writes Insteresting Idea: See a picture you like but cannot remember the original? Or want to use a motif within a design and need to know its source? Or curious who painted that masterpiece? Thanks to new search and retrieval techniques developed by ARTISTE, you can now find out.
European museums and galleries are rich in cultural treasures, but if you are unable to visit the premises then gaining information on their collections can be a challenge. Many of these institutions have online information facilities, however a lack of standardised systems and techniques has often made access more difficult than need be.

The IST project ARTISTE aimed to tackle this problem by developing content-based search and retrieval systems that could be used by major art institutions. Project participants included several leading galleries across Europe, such as the Uffizi in Florence, the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert (the V&A) museum in London and Centre de Recherché et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF), the restoration centre for French museums including the Louvre. By the close of the project in 2002, the project partners had developed several new and useful ways of accessing information online on major art collections.”