In Small Twits Forgotten

I stopped cross-posting my stuff awhile back, but Blake asked me to post this in particular. (In fact, he told me to get off my lazy butt and lend a hand while he is on his Alaska Adventure.)

It’s a piece I posted at Tinfoil+Raccoon about why I think Twitter is more than self-indulgent fluff, comparing it to historical archaeology.

Who we are, who we really are, is found in garbage piles and literally mixed with our sh*t. My favorite archaeology book is In Small Things Forgotten: An Archaeology of Early American Life by James Deetz who demostrates that we only learn about the past by studying the mundane. Since the early 1970s, archaeologist William Rathje has been looking at garbage to learn about practices and behavior that tell more about a community than observing and interviewing community members.