Hyperlinks to establish referential identity and so common ground in blogs

An interesting post from over at Christina’s LIS Rant raises an interesting point. She’s taking a look at the seminal work in the communication literature from Clark and Brennan (1993) on common ground. It discusses how common ground is established in conversation and also reviews how features of different communications channels help/constrain grounding and how common ground can be different when communicating over different channels. For example, e-mail is reviewable and revisable, but not cotemporal or audible (in the traditional view). Common ground is established via the least collaborative effort required for the channel.

“I think the blogosphere has talked more about links establishing common ground in that they establish a common history and context. I link to librarians therefore I have an affinity towards librarians and/or I am one. More of placeing a person in their discipline via their blogroll and linking… but blogs are conversation…”