HubMed provides chart tracking keywords

Jay writes: ResearchBuzz reported a very interesting and useful feature of HubMed which now provides Charts Tracking Keywords. Excerpts: “It’s an interface to the medical literature search engine PubMed that’s simplified and very easy to use. Nice if you’re not a professional medical researcher and find the PubMed interface overwhelming. HubMed also offers keyword-based RSS feeds for tracking additions to its database. HubMed also offers charts as well. Run a search. On the results page look to the right and you’ll see a results count: “Results 1-20 of” however many results you got. Next to that will be a small chart icon.” For example, searching for Biomaterials and then clicking the chart icon finds
16 papers with titles or abstracts containing the word ‘biomaterials’ in 1975; Number of papers with the term ‘biomaterials’ in titles or abstracts increased to 480 in 2005. (NOTE: the icon for ‘charts’ is not clearly visible; It is very small)