How “The Pirates!” actually got published.

Cortez writes “I discovered “The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists” only recently but its a discovery I’ve thoroughly enjoyed: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists : A Novel
The story of how it made it into print is an adventure in its own right: How to make a book:
“For Defoe, who never really meant to become an author anyway, the real kick comes from seeing individual people reading or buying his book. When he finally visited New York this year to meet Asher, he saw someone reading it on the subway. And the other day he was in Books Etc in Shepherds Bush, west London, “when this really lovely girl came in and actually asked the guy behind the counter: ‘Do you have The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists?'” Defoe decided not to say anything. “It would have been a bit creepy to tap her on the shoulder and say ‘Actually, I’m the author.'” Instead, he left it to the sales assistant to deliver the disappointing news that they had sold out – and to deliver, at the same time, a verdict on Defoe’s work that might have offended a more precious author. “We did have it,” the assistant said. “It had a really good cover.'”