Hidden Mysteries online bookstore has alternative titles

I noticed an item at Linkfilter this morning about Hidden Mysteries, an online bookstore specializing in hard-to-find books on a number of interesting topics. A quick scan of their book list reveals items such as Noam Chomsky’s 9-11, The Last Days of the Romanovs by Robert Wilton, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. However, they also carry such Loompanics Catalog fodder as America’s Secret Establishment, Teleportation: A How-to Guide, and Anti-Gravity and the World Grid.

Why am I posting it here? Because of this introductory statement:

We strive to gather and stock some of the books which are on the ‘unofficial’ suppressed books lists by many governments in the world. While we may not agree with all the topics, theories, and authors, we do maintain it is your right to have access to these materials, and have the freedom to read what you choose, without interference from any hidden hands and shadow governments.