Help Build The Most Comprehensive List Of Library Blogs Ever

Walt Crawford is looking for a few more good blogs….

  • Check this pageLiblogs 2010 (with exclusions) — DRAFT. Use your browser’s Find function to check the name. (The list is in alphabetic order, but it’s idiot alpha order, with a few “A ” entries and a lot of “The ” entries. And, of course, cute punctuation can change sorting.)
  • If You Have Candidates…

    • Add a comment [NOT here at LISNews], with the blog name and URL–but give the URL as text, not as a link (omit the http://), and don’t combine the blog name with a link. (Why not? Because, particularly if you have more than one, it will cause Spam Karma 2 to flag it as spam–and with more than 100 spamments today, I’m not sure I’ll be able to sort through all the spam looking for legit posts.)
    • Or send me email, waltcrawford at gmail dot com, using the same rules.