Harvard demands redress from ‘sexy’ librarian

Anonymous Patron writes BostonHerald.com Has Picked up on Yesterdays LISNews Scoop on Desiree Goodwin.
Goodwin’s attorney, Richard Clarey, said that seeking such costs against a plaintiff with few assets is unusual, if not cruel.

“I’ve seen it done in very big cases involving very big corporations,” said Clarey, vowing to oppose the motion. “But I’ve never seen it done in the case of a corporation whose assets (are) in excess of $23 billion. I’ve never seen it done against a plaintiff who has nothing.”
The world’s richest and most prestigious university, which boasts an endowment of $23.6 billion and growing, filed a motion Tuesday seeking to make Desiree Goodwin, who still works as an assistant librarian at the university, reimburse $3,319 in deposition transcripts and filing fees.”