Harry Potter Publisher Bloomsbury Denies Plagiarism Claim

The worm has turned for author J. K. Rowling. Now she's been accused of plagiarism.

"The allegations of plagiarism made today, Monday 15 June 2009, by the Estate of Adrian Jacobs are unfounded, unsubstantiated and untrue," said a statement from Bloomsbury, which publishes Harry Potter in Britain.

"This claim is without merit and will be defended vigorously."

In an earlier statement, Jacobs' estate said that it had issued proceedings at London's High Court against Bloomsbury Publishing Plc for copyright infringement.

"The Estate is also seeking a court order against J.K. Rowling herself for pre-action disclosure in order to determine whether to join her as a defendant to the ... action," the statement read.

It named the estate's trustee as Paul Allen, and said that Rowling had copied "substantial parts" of "The Adventures of Willy the Wizard -- No 1 Livid Land" written by Jacobs in 1987. Reuters (Canada) reports.


Yet another nonsense lawsuit....for god sakes folks different is different!

Well of course they would deny it!Has anyone evr straight out admitted plagiarism? According to the AP newswire the plotline is the same, and Jacobs agent Christopher J Little became Rowling's agent 10 years later-and according to the website www.willythewizard.com
there are some forty similarities.
Startlingly Similar jsut ain't different! There is too much to be co-incidence and since the book isn't widely available the expensive(I presume)lawsuit can't be about promoting the book.
Bloomsbury say the claimis without merit. Seems to be that their protests are what is without merit!