Harry Potter is a whiz among the young and the old

Aaron Tunn sent along a couple of Harry Potter stories. Hold on, Harry\’s on the way, says, the fifth Harry Potter novel is well on the way to \”The End\”, and could be in the bookshops, in Europe at least, by Christmas.

Harry\’s reclusive creator, the English-born J.K. Rowling, has ended a year\’s speculation that she had writer\’s block and had lost the desire to finish the seven-part Harry Potter series, by announcing that the fifth book is almost finished, and could be as big as the last, the 636-page The Goblet of Fire.

Harry Potter a whiz for young and old says the Harry Potter books are the best children\’s stories of all time.

A British survey by an educational publisher, to be released this week, names Harry Potter and the Philosopher\’s Stone, the first of J. K. Rowling\’s four teenage wizard novels, as the favourite children\’s book for boys, girls – and their parents.