Grapes of Wrath Might Be Wrong Book For Sour Times

The Mercury News has an Interesting Look at The Grapes of Wrath \”Read-A-Palooza\”.

CA First lady Sharon Davis kicked off a campaign to push
Californians to read the John Steinbeck classic, they ask with the state budget
shortfall at $24 billion, unemployment becoming
California\’s growth industry and the economy
crashing, is “The Grapes of Wrath\’\’ really the book
Californians need these days?

Maybe Dilbert would cheer ya\’ll up over there?

“I got it. I got it,\’\’ the political consultant says, “We have the state read `The Grapes of Wrath\’ all summer.
Then come fall, we roll out our slogan: `Read The Grapes of Wrath? Heck, we\’re writing it!\’ \’\’