Government brief in CIPA case

Of interest to all you United States v. ALA junkies out there, the government filed its brief on the merits with the Supreme Court a couple weeks ago. The Office of the Solicitor General finally got around to putting it on the Web, along with a few appendices.

I\’ve only glanced at the brief, but it looks like the government is relying a lot on the old "filtering is like book selection" argument.

[Update By Blake, @ 4pm] Jim Faith passed along a bunch more Amicus briefs online:

Brief written by Ken Bass (who defended the Loudoun County Library in 1998) on behalf of public libraries.

Brief written by Kristina Bullock, Bruce Taylor, and Jan LaRue and on behalf of pro-family groups.

Brief written by the ACLJ on behalf of members of Congress.

Brief written by the Liberty Legal Institute, on behalf of mayors and cities