Gorman (& others) and Google Scholar

Grumpy Librarian writes “The Chronicle has a series of articles, including several by librarians, on the Google digitization project.

In this interview, ALA President-Elect Michael Gorman suggests that digitizing books is useless because it is much more efficient to browse the Library of Congress catalog using Subject Headings and then ILL them.

Gorman also complains that undergrads think ‘they’re getting relevant materials and a sufficiency of relevant materials to write papers and to do research’ when they use google. Well, gee, maybe Google should add books to its collection.

And perhaps most bizarrely, Gorman suggests that while libraries are technologically advanced, ‘That does not mean that everything can be dumbed down to some kind of hip-hop or bells-and-whistles kind of stuff.’ Huh? [Emphasis added]”