:-) Google Romance: The “I’m Feeling Lucky” Love Search Spam Filter/Proliferator.

Romance Search Problem?

Answers for the cruelest month:

Google Beta Love!

There’s nothing like Spring romance via the “I’m Feeling Luck” button
at Google Romance. On the
first day of the cruelest month what better way to search for a happy love
life than allowing Google to pay for your date in return for your intimate
life’s psychographic details and some relevant Contextual DateTM advertisements?
Without directly addressing it, Google uniquely recognizes that Internet
dating is remarkably similar to Search Engine Optimization SPAM and allows
individuals to “Post multiple profiles with a bulk upload file, you sleaze,”
so that if the first profile doesn’t bag the unwary, erm,
find your potential soul-mate, any of your other factually challenged but
better optimized profile pages might.

p.s. Karl
was quicker
but I figured I’d add my personal testimonial: I’ve tried
it and it works great!-) Except for the niggling detail of my being matched
with a fictional character who keeps complaining I’m still in beta….