Google Hiring Answer “Experts,” Kinda…

How much would you pay for an answer and how much would you ask for to
answer it?  It\’s the ebay of answerville.  Google\’s floating
another of their ever delicious \’beta\’ improvements.  The Google
page is up and running.  From the -thinking-of-applying-
dept. they\’ve got their Researcher
up.  Hope the LISNews effect doesn\’t shut \’em

\”Google gives
some advice…for a price:
  In yet another test of new services,
Google is quietly wading into the expert-advice market, a lackluster business
that proved too taxing for some former Net highfliers.\” -By
Stefanie Olsen -CNET

20020414 (brief) \”When
Google Doesn\’t Know, Net Users Do.
\” Notes that \”this concept for a
research service has been tried before, but Google\’s power in the marketplace
has a better chance of success than the smaller ventures that preceded
it.\” –Steve