Google and the art of library science

Google Wants You: Librarians as the featured stars in a movie? We think that’s an idea whose time has come. Submit your story or anecdote about an interesting way you’ve used a Google service or tool to help library users locate the information they’re looking for, and there might be a bit part in a digital video movie in your future.

Your story could be about finding a photo of a patron’s great aunt in a rare book using Google Book Search. Or showing students how to use News to immerse themselves in current events. Or using Google Earth to give inner-city kids a larger sense of the world and their place in it. Or any other new or novel ways you’ve employed Google in your work.

We’ve asked for submissions from librarians across the country, and we’ll feature the most engaging stories in a short movie. The movie will premiere at the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 22-28, and will be featured prominently on Google’s Librarian Center website.