Good Stuff About the Internet

Entitled “Optimism, the good beyond the gloom”, this article from Canwest News Service reminds us how the internet has helped many of us to be a bit less isolated than we might otherwise be, for example:

  • If Stacy Green had access to the web growing up in small-town Alberta in the 1980s, he wouldn’t have thought he was “the only gay person on the planet.”
  • In Niagara, ON, Joan Wiley uses the web to reach out to other parents of transgender children.

    Article includes a timeline from 1971 when the first e-mail is sent from one computer to another sitting right beside it, using ARPANET, to the launch of Twitter in 2006, and the seminal year 1992 when librarian Jean Armour Polly, co-creator of Pub-Lib coined the term ‘surfing the Internet’. Surf on dudes.