Getting Librarians Out From Behind their Desks and Turning Them Into ‘Roving Librarians’

Wanda Pearson, executive director of Brownsburg (IN) Public Library, often wondered how many people left her library discouraged after not finding what they needed or a person to answer their question.

She hopes a program that just started this week makes sure she never has that concern again.

“Self service is important, but there are people in a library who need help,” she said. “We aren’t a Barnes & Noble. We are paid by taxpayers and our services are paid by the taxpayers, so we need to be there to help.”

The new initiative, called the roving reference approach, puts a reference librarian near the front door to be more readily available to visitors. Every 15 minutes or so, that librarian pushes a cart with a laptop or just carries an electronic notepad and walks through the library looking for those who may need help.

“The Roving Librarian”…anybody got that domain snagged yet?