From Magazine Editor to Librarian

The Whitman (MA) Public Library has a new adult services librarian and she is thrilled to be in her new position. Jessi Finnie decided to change directions in her career, and after being an editor of a magazine, wanted to continue to work with words. She felt becoming a librarian was what she ultimately wanted to do. Here’s a portion of an interview from The Whitman & Hanson Express:

How did you decide to become a librarian? I was working as an editor for a trade magazine until 2002 and I didn’t see a big future in it. I really liked working with words; I was an English major. I felt becoming a librarian was perfect, because I would get a chance to work with words and books for the rest of my life. That’s when I decided to get my masters in Library Science from the University of Mississippi. I also worked as a medical librarian at Children’s Hospital.