Forget Goodnight Moon!

Forget Goodnight Moon! Frustrated father’s bedtime story titled Go The F*** To Sleep

It’s not exactly the kind of language you want your children learning at an early age. But a sleep-deprived father has expressed his frustration over his daughter’s reluctance to go to bed with an expletive-ridden new bedtime story.

Adam Mansbach’s new book, which is titled Go The F*** To Sleep is designed and illustrated like any children’s story – but a quick glance at the title (as well as a clear warning on the back cover) will confirm that the contents are strictly for grown-ups.

In an ode that empathises with fellow parents of young children, the 34-year-old takes in all the frustrating ruses kids will use to hold off sleep, such as requests for one more story, a glass of water, another bathroom trip or a different teddy bear.

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