E-Pubs gaining speed

Someone suggested these 2 stories on epubs.

This one from Salon.
In three years\’ time, electronic-book devices will weigh less than a pound, run eight hours and cost as little as $99. By 2009, expect e-books to outsell the traditional paper variety in many categories, and in 2020, Webster\’s dictionary will alter the definition of \”book\” to include titles read onscreen.
In typical Microsoft style, Hill figures that if Redmond puts its weight behind the idea, it can move mountains. \”It\’s one thing for a small device-manufacturer to go to a publisher and ask them to put titles in electronic form. It\’s quite another for Microsoft to do it,\” he says.

and this one from the gomez advisors

Visitors to Borders.com can click on links to three unrelated sites, each of which offer a selection of e-books and technologies to read them. In addition to giving customers variety, the plan will also allow Borders to learn more about which technologies and formats its customers prefer.

Borders has lagged behind its competitors in using the Web to help create customer loyalty. But now bibliophiles will have direct links to Peanut Press, which offers titles that can be read on a Palm Pilot; ION Systems, which provides technology to read books on personal computers; and SoftBook Press, which offers a dedicated hand-held device for electronic reading.