Eighty-five Year Old Stacey’s Bookstore to Close

What will San Francisco be like when all the little indie bookstores are closed? I shudder to think.

First Cody’s closed last year, and now Stacey’s. For some reason, people always react with shock when they realize one of their favorite local places is closing. From the SF Gate article: “As word trickled out Tuesday evening, customers said they were stunned by the news. “I’m devastated,” said Melissa Davis, 37, who had picked up Spanish and Italian language CDs and an Italian grammar book and has shopped at the store regularly for eight years.”

More bad news for other independents from The Denver Post, reporting on layoffs at Denver’s beloved Tattered Cover Bookstore.

It’s time to put 2+2 together; if you bypass the independent bookstores for Amazon and the big box stores, they will certainly all be be forced to close. Buy locally, and when possible, buy books for your local library at your local bookshop. Keep San Francisco, and your town ‘weird’.