Ebooks- BAH Humbug!

Martin Writes: With this beginning you can guess that this writer is underwhelmed by the Kindle. He says Once again, the industry has misread what readers want.

“What with recession in the air, there isn’t much to laugh about in the American economy this holiday season. So we should be grateful to the high-tech industrial complex for once again staging the hilarious comedy that’s become an annual holiday tradition, right up there with A Christmas Carol. Yes, the farce known as the e-book is back this year, thanks to Amazon.com and its new device, the Kindle — which, like innumerable electronic books before it, promises to kill off books printed on paper. This is what makes the perennial e-book ritual so delightfully absurd. It’s a revolution with no popular support, a technological turning point that never turns, despite the best efforts of its credulous promoters.”