Dialogue 2000 Town Meetings

Kathleen de la
Pena McCook
writes \”I am seeking information and
hoping this may be a way to expand my search. I would like
to hear from librarians anywhere in the U.S. who have
participated in the Dialogue 2000 town meetings taking place
across the U.S. between January-May.
These are sponsored
by the national network of Community Action Agencies. They
are intended to raise the awareness of the American people
about issues of poverty and the need to address them
effectively to give a voice to low-income people in the
policy making proess and to identify and mobilize the state,
local, and national resources that low-income individuals,
families and communities need to be more self-sufficient.
National website is http://www.nacaa.org/d2.h

Local initiatives are community-based. Please respond to