Damp Georgetown DE Library Will Reopen in January

GEORGETOWN — The Georgetown (DE)Public Library will remain closed through the end of January, with repairs to the water-damaged facility estimated to cost $250,000, officials said. DelMarVa reports.

On Sept. 26, a defective pipe fitting damaged books, carpet, furniture, and drywall on the building’s first floor. The flood occurred less than two months after the Aug. 9 grand opening. They don’t build them like they used to in the Carnegie days I guess…

“The nature of this disaster is taking longer than we’d hoped,” said Paul Enterline, president of the library’s board of directors. “Basically, it’s kind of like a whole new building project.”

Last month, officials said the 29,400-square-foot building would be closed for eight weeks. Since that time, the opening of the first floor has been further delayed, but the second floor has been opened to the public.