Czech Republic returns restored manuscripts to Iraq

mdoneil writes “The Czech foreign minister returned several historical documents to the President of Iraq during the President’s visit to the Czech Republic.

The documents – neglected for decades under the rule of Saddam Hussein – were restored by Czech experts so that Iraq’s national treasures could be returned to their rightful home.
In addition to restoring these priceless documents the Czech government has committed more than $75 million to the reconstruction of Iraq, performed heart surgery on 32 critically ill Iraqi children, trained diplomats, judges and scientists. The Czech republic also has troops stationed in Iraq to train Iraqi police officers.
The Czech Republic, a democracy only since 1993, called Iraq, through the Czech foreign minister, “The cradle of our civilization.” Despite its small size, only about that of South Carolina, the Czechs are bringing their newfound democracy to the Iraqi people through their actions.

The AP article is here