Crossbow Killing InToronto Library

From the Toronto Sun: The city’s first ever crossbow killing is an alleged case of patricide. The 52-year-old man who was shot in the back in a crowded library Thursday is the alleged killer’s father, Toronto Police confirmed Friday.

Si Cheng, also known as William, was inside a public library on Main St., just south of Gerrard St. E., when he was hit in the back by a bolt from a crossbow shortly after 4 p.m., police said.

It’s alleged that Zhou Fang, 24, also known as Peter, fired the fatal shot as women and children in the library watched in horror. Police have not said anything about what may have motivated the city’s 59th murder of the year.

However there is a history of violence involving the accused killer’s estranged mother and father. And at least one source, who knew the couple when they were still living together as a family in 2006 on Mintwood Dr. near Steeles Ave. E. and Leslie in 2006, said “Nora” Cheng Mei Fang “lived in fear” of her former spouse.

“I don’t know what the relationship was like between the father and son, but I know she was terrified of her ex-husband,” said the source, who asked not to be named. The mother and son have been living in Ottawa. The father remained in the family home until recently, even though it was owned by his ex-wife. The North York house was sold for $443,000 in mid-November, according to court records.

The closing date was Dec. 1, the day before the killing.