Cool Find for Librarian in Michigan

As most librarians probably have wished at one time or another, Librarian Susan Berryman of Blissfield MI made a fantastic discovery in an unused storage room in her tiny library–four volumes on ancient Egypt, a 1887 first edition by Samuel Augustus Binion, “Ancient Egypt or Mizrai”.

The folio has an estimated value of as much as $6,000, according to Katharine Kyes Leab, editor-in-chief of American Book Prices Current, a Connecticut-based organization that tracks the value of old and rare books.

Mrs. Berryman said the library board had considered selling the volumes to pay for items that might be pulled out a bit more frequently than once every five decades. But she said the board has instead decided to keep the volumes and display some of the images on the library walls. Right now it has an image of a mummy there.

Story from the Toledo Blade