Conversations About Plagiarism

Bestselling writer Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations With God series admitted to copying a story from another author. The story, posted on, was about his son’s kindergarten winter show where a bunch of kids were holding up signs with letters on them to spell “Christmas Love” but one child’s sign was upside down so it looked like “Christ Was Love.”

But that wasn’t his son, and it wasn’t his story. He wrote it, verbatim, from a story that someone else wrote and published.

Walsch now claims that he read the story and his mind came to accept that it was something from his own personal experiences.

Yeah. The original author, Candy Chand, whose story was published online and in Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul doesn’t believe that either. “Quite frankly, I’m not buying it.” she says. Her real fear is that so many people have heard of and read Neale Walsch, they’re going to think that the story is his.