Company trademarked the term “Library Card?”

Anonymous Patron writes “I can’t quite get a handle on what this product does based on this puffed-up press release, but apparently, they’ve trademarked the term “Library Card.”

From the news release:

“The Boloto Group (, an Arizona based technology firm introduced a revolutionary free software, titled the Library Card (TM) that makes possible the next generation Internet. The Library Card is an electronic pass that consumers use to access features of the web by filling out a simple registration. With the Library Card, users will be able to unlock a private community that provides access to products, services and entertainment ranging from online dating to career connections, personal finance to multi-lingual communications, and media, all for free.”

At first I was surprised that this company was able to trademark a common phrase that has been in use for decades, but then I did some research. Since they have only the (TM) next to the name, it is possible that the trademark registration is pending, which means it may or may not become official through the US Patent and Trademark Office. Other companies have trademarked “librarycard” and “library card” already, so it doesn’t look like libraries need to worry much about continuing to use the term.