Community Doesn’t Want Home Invasion Book in Library

Cheshire, CT (WTNH) – Cheshire experiences an uproar over a book detailing the 2007 Cheshire home invasion tragedy. There is emotional debate over if the library in town should carry the publication.

“Why make it worse? Put it in our own library, in our own town, in a town that is still trying to heal, with money we’re paying for. I don’t want to pay for that book,” said Kimberly Mach of Cheshire.

The issue centers on the fact that the Cheshire Library has ordered two copies of the book. More than two dozen folks showed up to protest the decision at a board meeting Tuesday night. One board member is outraged the Brian McDonald book was chosen.

“This has nothing to do with First Amendment, this has nothing to do with book banning, this has nothing to with trying to censor a book. This has to do with what is right; this has to do with protecting a member of our community who has experienced an atrocity in his family,” said Board Member Marilyn Bartoli.

A small, close community…but certainly books about 9/11 are in New York City libraries…