Writer twists Carroll's tale in revenge attack on Alice


Charles Davis writes "from Independent Digital:

The original Alice was a flaxen-haired innocent in a whimsical world of Mad Hatters, mock turtles and Cheshire Cats. But in a move that has upset traditionalists, Frank Beddor, the American producer of the gross-out movie There's Something About Mary, has transformed Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland into a dark and violent tale of murder and war.

Beddor said his novel, The Looking Glass Wars, was prompted by his hatred of the "terrible girls' book" he was forced to read by his mother and grandmother as a child.


Beddor said: "I guess I didn't realise how beloved Lewis Carroll's classic was. I was just seeking revenge. My grandmother and my mother made me read this book when I was 10 or 11 and I thought it was a terrible girls' book. This is my revenge; I wanted to rewrite it as a book boys would also enjoy.""


I like Carroll's books. Right now I'm taking my daughter through Carroll's/Dodgson's Game of Logic.

I say "Fooey on Beddor! Real Men Love Nonsense."

If Lewis Carroll's books are "terrible girls' books," then "There's Something about Mary" is just terrible, period. No offense to anyone who liked the movie; I liked it too until I read this. Lewis Carroll and Alice will always be at the top of the heap as far as I'm concerned, cultural revisionists aside.