The Political Librarian - Vol I Issue 1

Announcing Volume I, Issue 1 of The Political Librarian, our new journal at the intersection local libraries, public policy and tax policy.

We are interested in featuring new voices and lines of inquiry, and are interested in publishing opinion pieces, white papers, and peer reviewed works.  You are invited to contribute to Vol 2 Issue 1 for a March 2016 publication date.  Our editorial guidelines are posted for your review and consideration.

Thanks to our editorial team, including series editor Lindsay Sarin, and general editors Johnna Purcell and Rachel Korman.  We are proud to announce our editorial board

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A number of people involved with "The Political Librarian" are also involved with censorship of any opinion that criticizes the Office for Intellectual Freedom for having and promoting a pro-child p0rn policy in public libraries. There's never a discussion of the facts, only the personal attack of those few willing to speak up. And it's not just limited to me. So I am certain "The Political Librarian" is really "The Political Censor" and any opinion that criticizes OIF in any significant way will not only be not welcome, but will be deleted off if caught. It is standard operating procedure for a number of people involved in "The Political Librarian" and "EveryLibrary."

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