Why Do We Still Need Libraries?

<p>Author <a href="http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/why-do-we-still-need-libraries/">muses on why we spend money on library buildings</a>. Ends with conclusion about "library as place".</p> <blockquote>"The truth is, I don’t know why brick-and-mortar libraries still serve a purpose. I could have checked out the e-book version, but instead, sitting somewhere in the mid-800s of nonfiction, I have found a perfect location, just light enough to read but shielded from passerby. Turning the thick, dinner-stained pages of Ramona the Pest, the dust jacket crinkles and within a single chapter I am eight again.This is my third place; my place between work and home where I belong. And sitting here is why I continue to fight for public libraries. "</blockquote>


A library is not just books.
A library is not just a place.
A library is not a company.
A library is not just a search engine.
A library is not just information.
A library is neither an app nor a product of the moment.

A library is community.
A library is educational opportunity and information technology access for everyone.
A library is the very essence of public service.
A library is the combined efforts of librarians and library staff dedicated to helping people.
A library is enrichment, enchantment, enfranchisement, empowerment.
A library is democracy.

A library is far more essential and relevant these day than most people realize or are ready to admit.

And until everything is digital libraries need buildings because we do need book warehouses.

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