CNET Editor: "The library? How quaint!"

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Brian Cooley, CNET's senior technology commentator and editor at large, offers his view of libraries during a segment about Kindle's new library services on the April 20, 2011 "Buzz Out Loud" podcast (starting at 14:00 minutes):

I'm still a little vague on this.

Why would I go or deal with a library to borrow a book? You don't have to go there, right?

This is weird. Why would a library have anything to do with virtual books? It doesn't make sense. Locality is about physical books. They're physically available in a certain place, so your library houses them, but once they're virtual, locality goes out the door. It's weird.

The library thing is real divisive. We can start a hate storm. I mean, I'm sorry folks, but I don't get libraries. In this day and age, I don't get libraries. Great air conditioning, good place to nap, right? Libraries are for the very old and the very unemployed. I'm sorry, that's where it's at right now. It doesn't make sense anymore.

The local library's really starting to get shaky to my mind, unless it's for the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, and the very old. That's what libraries are for now. What kid in high school is going to get anything out of the library? Seriously, you've got some ninety-year-old reference librarian who's going to point you to what, a Britannica volume to look something up? All you've got to do is Google. For crying out loud.

Getting out is fine, but there are plenty of bars. You don't need to go to libraries to get out of the house.

How does the library "defend your right to free information"? The Internet's already got that done, folks.

What do you mean, "for people who read"? Who on earth needs to go to a library to get a book? Crazy town!

The library? How quaint!