Favorite Blogs This Year? Put Them On "The Blogs To Read In 2010" List!

(Why This List Matters.)

It's never too early to start thinking about "10 Blogs To Read in 2010". Well, ok, so maybe there was a time when it was too early, but that time has passed. Let's start thinking about our favorite blogs.

What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who's the best writer out there?

When building my list, I like to think of it this way: "I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that read even when time is short"

Your list doesn't need to be complete or fair. I'm looking for input from as many people as possible so the final list doesn't miss anyone new or overlooked. My goal again this year, 10 blogs that, when followed as a group, paint a complete picture of what's going on in our little world.

Before your nominate, take a look at past winners, they aren't eligible for 2009:

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I really like these three this year:

The M Word: Marketing Libraries - http://themwordblog.blogspot.com/

iLibrarian - http://oedb.org/blogs/ilibrarian

Library Alchemy - http://libraryalchemy.wordpress.com/

And this one, with the caveat that yes, I work here and post to this blog frequently, but - State Libraries tend to be under-represented in the blogging world, and as far as State Library blogs go, I really think ours is the most complete and representative of the many, many, many different things that State Libraries do.

That said:

Washington State Library blog - http://blogs.secstate.wa.gov/library/

Favorite Academic Librarian Blog
Pegasus Librarian by Iris Jastram: http://pegasuslibrarian.com/
Iris' posts come from a place of utter respect for her students, colleagues and librianship. She is a nuanced and creative thinker, an intellectual and an excellent writer. I can't recommend Pegasus Librarian highly enough.

Favorite Medical Librarian Blog
Eagle Dawg Blog by Nicole S. Dettmar: http://eagledawg.blogspot.com/
Nikki Dettmar holds all of us to equally high standards of ethical behavior and professionalism, including librarians, traditional publishers and Web publishers. She uses online social tools intelligently, creatively and appropriately, especially for professional development and networking within the medical librarian community. Also, stop by on Fridays for a bit of Friday Foolery.

I love The Merry Librarian: www.merrylibrarian.com

It is full of stories sent in from librarians, and is wonderfully entertaining! Whoever the "merry" is writes well, too. (Merry writes all the intros to the blogs, I think.) I definitely think this blog deserves a spot on the list!

I know "Merry" and she's as delightful in person as she is on her blog. I agree that her blog deserves a spot on the list!

I agree! The Merrylibrarian gets my vote too!!! It is the lift needed to turn a trying day into a day worth showing up for :)

Another vote for The Merry Librarian from a dedicated fan!

I love Merry! Her well-written blog is full of humor, fun topics (such as "what's the weirdest thing you ever found in your bookdrop?"--my current favorite!), and wry observances. And if you send her your stories she really does put them in there!

I love the obnoxious librarian from Hades for its homour and satirical writing, exposing the accounting officers and administrators who do not want to release a cent for the betterment of librarians.Check it out at "obnoxious librarian from hades"

The obnoxious librarian from Hades is the greatest: http://olfh.blogspot.com/

Absolutelly my favourite blog, http://olfh.blogspot.com/ It is so close to home, witty and entertaining.

Always a sudden surprise in my mailbox, it makes my day!

the ONLY professional blog that I go out of my way to read. Eventually, I get around to the rest but Obnoxious can make it easier for me to get through my day! I even have the blogs on my Kindle. The only blog I've so honored.

Probably the only blog I have bought or will buy in book format. If you can make it from online to the print world you deserve a place in the 10 blogs to read in 2010.


A really must read Blog, hilarious and very familiar situations online and in book format, how more librarianic can it be in this century?


Everyone should read this blog! I agree with all the previous comments, bought the book, smile when I see a new alert and laugh out loud when I read it (then have to explain to l-users what I'm laughing at....) The humour works just as well "across the pond" and I forward it to friends who are nothing to do with libraries and they love it too.

Dewey rulez!!


The only blog I look forward to dropping everything to read right away -- funny and poignant all at once!!!

I find the title of the Obnoxious Librarian from Hades blog so annoying that I cannot read it. Why not just name it the Obnoxious Librarian?

There's one "society" blog I left out of my liblog studies because I found the name so offensive. Much worse than OLfH. (Although at least there was no ballot-stuffing of this poll.)

OLFH is modelled after the recurrent feature by Simon Travaglia in The Register known as the Bastard Operator From Hell which can be seen here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/odds/bofh/
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

I recommend Char Booth's blog Informational


Sure, she could post a bit more frequently but I find the posts are usually well thought out and well written - and thought provoking.

BTW, I think you should automatically disqualify any blogger who asks their readers to vote for them to be on your best blogs list - one blogger who is doing that - just guess. Yes - Mr. Obnoxious Librarian. If you have to ask your readers to vote for you - not only is that weak and sad - it's not cool.

I was not aware of a rule that self-promotion is not allowed (actually one of the topics that I think us LIS professionals should do more of).

But if I have violated an unwritten rule, humble apologies. I just would have appreciated that such a negative comment were not made by "anonymous". I think that is not cool ;-)

Mea culpa, Dennie aka the obnoxious librarian from hades

it's not a rule, unwritten or otherwise, and it's only uncool if you *don't* win.

keep up the good work.

I see nothing wrong with nominating your own blog (I'd do that, but I honestly don't believe Walt at Random is one of the ten most essential library-related blogs). It does bother me when I see a bunch of "anonymous" nominations for the same blog... It sort of makes me wonder whether somebody is trying to demonstrate popularity. Not that it couldn't be lots of fans, but who knows?

But self-nomination? An honored tradition, even for other library awards.

Retiring Guy's Digest
"Recommended Reading on Libraries, Publishing, Technology, Politics, Social Issues, and More"
By Paul Everett Nelson, Library advocate, Adjunct Assistant Professor (UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies), and retired library director.
I find this a great source for info about libraries, including lots on my home state of Wisconsin.
follow me on twitter at: info2go

Buffy Hamilton's The Unquiet Librarian - http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com/

Buffy is a great high school librarian who works tirelessly for her students in connecting them to the best resources and tool that web 2.0 has to offer. Her passion comes through in her presentations and posts. She is on the cutting edge of school library science and the wonders that the information age has to offer our children.

Library Garden - http://librarygarden.net/

This collaborative blog brings in librarian professionals from all walks (including some library consultants) to discuss a myriad of topics. They offer differing viewpoints on topics that cover all sorts of different library types. I find their posts to be thoughtful and compelling in furthering conversation on the contemporary library topics.

www.merrylibrarian.com is fantastic! Hilarious and touching stories from librarians. I applaud "Merry" for this excellent idea. This anonymous blog gives librarians a place to share a side of the job that is often overlooked--but it is one of the best parts of being a librarian. LISNews, this one is a MUST for your Blogs of 2010!!

I always find time to read http://www.librarywebchic.net/wordpress/. Her tech. skills and ideas remind me just how far I have to go.


I agree!! Merry Librarian is excellent! (http://www.merrylibrarian.com/)

From the bio, the author was a children's librarian and decided to start the blog because she witnessed so many funny, strange things happening in the library. The bulk of the blog consists of submissions written by librarians from around the US (and world?). "Merry" writings the intros, which are well-written and often hilarious, and apparently collects and edits all the content.

Based on the content so far, and Merry's advertisements for themes like wedding photography in libraries, book drop finds, etc, I believe this blog is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular, must-read blogs in librarian spheres. I've worked at a public library for 5 years and have found myself in many weird situations. I LOVE that someone was clever enough to create a place for librarians to share their stories! The Merry Librarian definitely deserves to be on your list!
--Kathryn R.

I only have a few blogs to submit.

http://www.utcourts.gov/lawlibrary/blog/ - very local and current information for the general public as well as librarians (like how to find out what ordinances allow for chickens in the backyard) in the state of Utah.

http://www.merrylibrarian.com/ - tickles my funny bone every time.

http://worldsstrongestlibrarian.com/ - life, librarianship and the random factors that impact both, along with kettle bell etiquette.


I'm not a librarian, but this site is fantastic! I love the stories and really enjoy reading them. I can't wait each week for when the Story of the Week will come out! They're well written and range from the divine to the sublime - love it.

The Obnoxious Librarian is funny to read.

Absolutely hilarious look at life in a corporation. You don't have to be a librarian to appreciate the absurdities that happen. My colleagues know that if I'm laughing like crazy in my cubeffice, I must have received the latest post!!


Thank you to those who have nominated www.merrylibrarian.com! Is it prudent to nominate myself as well? :)

Actually, I'd like to nominate "Awful Library Books" as a great humor site. http://awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com/

This blog is a highly amusing look at bad books found on library shelves everywhere. Let's just say they make a strong case for weeding... :)

I'd like to nominate The Merry Librarian. http://www.merrylibrarian.com/

I love the creator of the site. She has a beautiful, wildly creative heart. Because of that, people feel invited to share some of the wildness in their hearts as well. I guarantee that even if you are not a librarian (like me), you will feel welcome in the hilarious, disgusting, heartwarming, alarming, shocking and ridiculous lives of those who do have that job description!

I truly believe The Merry Librarian has a gift to share with us all. Beyond belonging on the Blogs to Read for 2010, she belongs in your heart!

-Bonnie D.

I would like to nominate http://awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com
Lots of fun

I'd like to cast my vote for www.merrylibrarian.com
Brandon R.

Put me down for a vote for Awful Library Books

Merry Librarian is a highlight of my week. My favorite thing is that they manage to tell the funniest library stories without being over the top cynical or mean. And, I love the fact that they aggregate stories from all over libraryland.

Awful Library books makes me laugh, and makes me enjoy weeding all the more.

I have to agree with everything said about the Merry Librarian. Funny, well-written and fascinating (sometimes like-a-car-wreck fascinating)--and I love that it's collaborative.

I'd appreciate mine being considered for 2010 as well. Thanks for checking my blatant self promotion!



The funniest and bestest unknown and underground blog on planet earf.

If you like blogs about nothing and everything. READ IT. :)

I also like Merry Librarian, but would like to add Swiss Army Librarian (http://www.swissarmylibrarian.net/).

This blog, Obnoxious Librarian from Hades, written by the putative librarian at Hades Corp is absolutely a must read for all library workers!

The Merry Librarian: www.merrylibrarian.com

Real, funny, many voices.

Follow a woman on her bucket list journey and learn about creating your own list of things to do before you die.