Mother of Reinvention

I recently signed on to the Download Squad as a blogger. I've run two stories thus far: here and here.

The "Flipping the Linux Switch" is actually projected to be an ongoing, weekly blog column about making the switch to Linux. Next week's is lined up and ready to go, with some minor tweakings.

Linux Librarian (big thanks to Blake, he knows why) will continue, of course. You can't give up on your first love... Most purely 'nix related stories will link to the appropriate place on DLS, and library and of course personal accounts will appear on on Linux Librarian.

The DLS thing came about when I was making the rounds of sites I visit on occasion. It was early November, maybe even late October, and there was a banner advertising that they were looking for writers. I threw my hat in the ring, pretty sure nothing would come of it. I was contacted last week about signing on.

There is compensation... Not great amounts, but it will help supplement the somewhat bleak income picture on my part. More exciting for me was the exposure, the more "formal" blogging that it entailed (formal blogging? Wha?), and the ability to fill hours doing something I love-- writing-- knowing that somebody was waiting for it and (most likely) going to read it.

That's why writing a book is so lonely and difficult. Even though you've written something... it may kick some serious ass... there's no guarantee it will see the light of day.

Check it out.

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