A year has come and gone...

Submitted by shoe on Sun, 01/02/2005 - 19:21

Yes, I have been at my job a year this week. Well, if you exclude all that sick time, which for all intents and purposes for now, I am. I did what work I could from home. Of course, as a librarian, that ain't too too much.
I've put a blog
entry in here in response to my anniversary and response to Ashtabula's, Dorothea's, and Meredith's discussions on finding a job with an MLS. I think part of what makes things easier was that I wasn't holding out (and didn't need to hold out, having a husband with a decent salary) for great amounts of pay. I get paid okay, don't get me wrong... but I ain't rolling in the dough.
Had a paraprofessional say to me... 'You must get, what? Thirty dollars an hour?' When my sides stopped hurting from the laughter, I realized I get paid slightly more than she does. That depressed me till I realized I've been there less than a year... and she'd been there 30+ years. Of course, I've got barrels of student loans.

It's all worth it, I keep mumbling to myself. It's all worth it.
Seriously... I think it was all, mostly, either just a stroke of dumb luck for me, or perhaps someone up there was looking out for me.