CIPA Oral Arguments

Dan, from Bitlib writes: \”The
Supreme Court heard oral arguments in regards to the
Children\’s Internet Protection Act. The
details of which are reported in C|net, Slate, and other fine
news outlets (ala

To summarize for the link lazy, the CIPA forces public
libraries to install filtering software to block out
potentitially harmful material from minors. The
problem with this system is that filtering systems do
not work (well), and block material that would not be
considered harmful, and thus hinder there ability to
research/use a system. I.e. seen as a Constitutional
violation of 1st Ammendment Rights.

Libraries are not required to install these filtering
programs, but if they do not, they will not receive
Federal funding.
The ALA and ACLU are challenging CIPA on these

Faith Jemme passed along
Supporters hopeful justices will uphold library filters.

Also, Seth
has the Full Transcript In HTML Form at
his site.