Child Hacks Lee County Library Filter

News From Florida where A 7 year old boy surfed his way around a Lee County library online filtering system and accidentally found pornography. Now technicians are updating libraries county-wide to try and fix the problem.

Nico Cordero has very few computer skills but in just a few minutes he found a way out of the system the library didn’t know about. Cordero loves hotrod cars, so when he went to the North Fort Myers library with his dad, he wanted to look them up on the internet.

Without knowing he wasn’t supposed to, Nico slipped past the internet filter and got on the web. When asked just how easy it was, he said “super easy!” However instead of hot rods, he found pornography. “When I was going on hot rods and clicked on this thing, it printed out this thing i didn’t type,” said Nico. “He comes up to me and says hey papi! Look what I got! And I look and I freaked,” said Nico’s dad, Ralph Cordero.