Cherchez The Search Advantage

Leslie Walker takes a look at the search engine biz over at The Washington Post.

She says There haven\’t been so many confusing takeovers since the Web portals went on pig-out binges in the 1990s. At that time, portals snapped up every start-up in sight in a manic attempt to amass content and visitors, while traditional media companies embarked on an equally manic hunt for portals to marry. Most of those takeovers came to naught. Now with Google, Yahoo, and Overture making similiar moves, she wonders what\’s next.

\”I don\’t think people understood the power of search in the early days,\” Berkowitz said. \”Partly that was because the technology was just bad. But if you look at most successful businesses on the Internet, search is their foundation. They use an algorithm to connect people with something they need online. Search didn\’t really meet those needs in the early days, but now it\’s getting better. Search, I think, is the foundation of the Internet.\”